Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sul Sud Europa - CIRES



The centre works on the promotion of interdisciplinary research between the Southern European states, especially France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. The research programmes analyse changes in the political systems of the Mediterranean Area following European unification, especially regarding their regional dimension.


As fixed in the Statute, research programs promoted by CIRES are focused on:


Thanks to the partnerships of the centre, researchers may access specialized libraries, EU documentation and major databases.


The activities of CIRES take place in cooperation with the European Documentation Centre (CDE) of the University of Florence and other national research centres, and in collaboration with many research institutes from other States of Southern Europe.


CIRES is also a centre for the training about European integration. It organizes courses, seminars, conferences and workshops where professors, researcher and experts are invited who cooperate with the centre.


The Centre also supports research by individuals.

The scholars are granted free access to libraries in Florence and to the Internal Resource Centre. This consists of documentation on the European Communities, databanks on European politics and a collection of socio-economic indicators on South European countries.

It organizes short courses for officials and practitioners, and seminars for students on democratization and Europeanization given by academics, researchers and guest scholars.


CIRES publishes Working Papers that promote original scientific contributions for the knowledge of the mentioned themes.

As well as the Working Papers, Occasional Papers are also published online, which collect the contribute of many experts and policy makers that have participated in seminars at CIRES.