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Transnational Network on Euroisation and Democratisation at the Eastern Borderline of the EU (TNED)

Project Manager: Roberto Di Quirico

Funding: 105.613,18€ Jean Monnet Action 2006.


In October 2006 the European Union (Jean Monnet Action) funded a project submitted by the Universities of Florence (Italy), Bath (UK) and Victoria (Canada). The objectives of the project are:

1.      Creating a network of JM Centres of European Excellence connected with universities in Eastern European countries outside the EU borderlines in order to study the connection between EU’s economic attraction and the rise/consolidation of democracy in that countries.


  1. Realising a first research on the topic. The research aims to analyse how the attraction of the EU’s economic and currency area shape transition and consolidation of democracy in the former communist countries outside the EU’s Eastern borders. This research will consider Bulgaria and Romania (accession countries), Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia (CIS countries attracted by EU), and Russia (as the main antagonist of EU’s influence in the area)


1.      Project Aims

The project aims to create an international network of universities interested to cooperate in common activities. These activities are:


    1. Participating in common research on EU neighbourhood policy and its effect on former soviet republics;

    2. Preparing common applications for fund-raising, in particular application for the Jean Monnet Action and the EU Framework Plans (FP);

    3. Preparing projects and fund-raising applications for academic cooperation and researchers exchanges, in particular Tacis/Tempus and Erasmus Mundus projects;

    4. Organising common events like conferences and summer schools.


2.      Membership

The members of the network will be the same as the founding members of the Jean Monnet Transnational Network on Euroisation and Democratisation (Universities of Florence, Bath and Victoria) and any other university that will apply for membership. Such universities may be both from EU countries and Former Soviet countries.

3.      Management

The management system of the Network will be the same as the one presently used for the Jean Monnet Transnational Network on Euroisation and Democratisation but the governing bodies will be enlarged starting January 2008 to all the members of the new network.

The management of the project shall be the responsibility of a scientific committee, a management committee and a coordinator for the entire project. The Scientific Committee shall be composed of the representatives of all partner universities. It shall be responsible for the scientific supervision of the research and for solving issues of scientific relevance that might come forward during the research. The Scientific Committee shall meet at least twice a year by email or videoconference, in order to discuss results and to decide about how to proceed. It will be chaired by a president to be elected by all the members of the committee. The administrator of the TNED, to be nominated by the scientific Committee, together with three members of the same Committee, shall form the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall be responsible for monitoring work progress, the allocation and correct use of financial resources and for decision-making in general. It shall also supervise the management of intellectual property rights. The Management Committee shall meet at least twice at year. The implementation of the decisions taken by the Management Committee will be the responsibility of the administrator of TNED. He shall also act as administrator for payments and funds transfers.

4.      Administration

In order to efficiently manage fund-raising and project implementation, the TNED will create a central administration with its own staff. During the first period of activity, the staff will include personnel from the different member universities. As soon as TNED will be able to collect sufficient financial resources, the network will recruit its own permanent staff.

Financial resources are to be allocated mainly by those universities that will benefit from the fund-raising activities of the TNED. Where funding will be collected thanks to common applications prepared by TNED, a quota of these funds will be due to the network’s central administration. In this way, the TNED staff will be able to continue its work on fund-raising and project coordination to benefit all members.




Roberto Di Quirico (Project manager)



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